Time to thrive, Brother?

Then enter the 5D man lifestyle today!

If you are an entrepreneur, career or businessman with an uncompromising commitment to full spectrum thriving, you are in the right place.

Time to thrive, Brother?

Then enter the 5D man lifestyle today!

The 5D man coaching program is the highest level experience I offer for businessmen and entrepreneurs called to thrive.

Is this the story of your life?

You have been committed to looking good, appearing strong, having it together, and being in control.

As a man with success of your own, you know how well such appearances have served you, and yet how lonely and fragmented they have made you feel.

Your life is not what you want it to be, but you have worked so hard, and it’s hard to admit you haven’t succeeded.

You are not happy in your work, your marriage, and hardly anyone knows what it’s really like to be you.

Brother, we’ve all been there, and while the path before you will deliver you into liberation, first it will bring you to your knees.

So why even start?

Because for you, the time to thrive has come.

How we will work together

We will start your coaching experience by focusing on increasing your Clarity.

From that place, we will know whether you must focus on Courage, Connection or Creation next.

We will also determine if you are in the Ground phase of your life – which means you need to slow down, go in, integrate and receive new inspiration – or if you are in the Glory phase – in which case, it’s time to go full throttle forwards towards your goals.

As a man, you are wired to always want the latter, but in this process, your ego doesn’t lead.

This is not a glamorous experience but a genuine path home, to a simple place where life just works; where your connections are harmonious, your creation is meaningful, and your heart is at rest in God.

What is included?

This offering is for businessmen, entrepreneurs & career men who are committed to expanding into greater levels of thriving. It includes the following:

  • Biweekly 5D man coaching

  • Access to the 5D man system and resources

  • Contact over messages or the phone

  • Customized coaching journey

  • Optional: A 1-on-1 weekend where we go deep together and make a deep shift.

Rates & Terms

Your 5D coaching is priced at
$1500/month (ex vat)

You need to have some level of success in your life already to engage with this offering, demonstrated by you e.g. running a business, being married, being a father, having a good career or a healthy body. I only offer this package to people who have a foundation in life. If this is not the case for you, engage with one of my group offerings instead.

Your coaching experience can be 6 or 12 months long.

When you enter into a coaching agreement with me, it cannot be ended. This is why we will spend an hour together to do some powerful work prior to you making up your mind.