Live online intensives & trainings

For the man who cannot wait to dive deep

These trainings are intensives/immersions with a preset duration that some of you may prefer over the ongoing memberships.


Intensive designed for men who want to reclaim your primal man. If you suffer from anxiety, apathy or aggression or simply want to power up even further, GRIT is for you.

Next round: 29 days starting Jan 9

Reclaim your Inner Throne

The famous online initiation that connects you to your embodied masculinity. This initiation, if you are ready for it, will deliver you into a whole new and integrated life with purpose.

Next round: Six months early 2024


Unpack how the Matrix world works and free yourself from its prison. For change agents and deliverers of a new world in this time of apocalypse. Open to women.

Next round: 12 months spring/summer 2024

Note: Waiting lists will open soon.