A man who lives his mission will attract enemies who want to see him fail.

As messed up as that is, it is absolutely true that this world crucifies its best people, because the complacent masses feel confronted by your progress.

So to fulfill your life’s mission as a 5D man, developing Courage is crucial, as you have a gift inside that the world needs, and you must endure the attacks long enough to give it.

Courage has always been a rare quality, and in the 5D man model, it relates to the embodiment of a Warrior.

It requires eating well, exercising hard, establishing values and principles protected by clear boundaries, regulating your nervous system, taking care of your health, learning how to defend yourself and how to rest & recover.

After all, how will you behave in accordance with your values if you don’t have a strong body and mindset to back them up?

If you lack the physical and psychological confidence required to move forwards, it limits you in so many ways, and it hurts to face it.

The good news, however, is that in the 5D man work, this will all start to change.

A 5D man doesn’t “lose”. He touches ground to learn the lesson, and then he keeps going.

In this work, we will work to clear the “toxic masculinity” narrative from your system, remove any unearned pride, and get you calibrated and congruent, giving you a reason to experience an earned pride in yourself.

If you are like most men, you have never learned that true Courage requires the ability to rest & recover. You can only be courageous when you are charged up, and a 5D man must take deep rest so that he can regulate his nervous system.

Finally, you must learn to take the punches of life head on. When you have a big ego, you will rationalize and justify your behaviour, yet your thriving awaits on the other side of humility.

Only by touching ground can a Courageous man become ground-ed, standing with his feet on solid foundation as he charges into life.

All of this and more relates to the life dimension of Courage.

So if you are ready to leave cowardice behind and become a 5D man, you have come to the right place.

Metrics in Courage

  • Strength

  • Stamina
  • Vitality
  • Nervous system

  • Sleep quality
  • Constitution
  • Diet
  • Boundaries
  • Self-defense skills

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