Before you find your life companion, in your heart of hearts, you’re always looking.

You’re looking for where sex or true partnership can be found, and as much fun as that could be for a man with good game, it is ultimately a distraction.

Having a faithful, open woman at your side brings rest to your heart and ground under your feet.

You have someone to serve and to hold now, and someone to inspire your growth.

You get to be her hero at times, and at long last, you are in a position to turn your mind to family and legacy, the core pursuits of any mature man.

But far too many men think the journey stops with finding her. In truth, the next challenge is to keep her, serving her ever more open to who she truly is, in her deepest feminine essence.

And that is the adventure of a lifetime.

My family: Me, Michelle and little Alex.

Connection is also about your children, the little ones who take your freedom away, but who give you something much more valuable in return: Someone to live and die for.

It is about your clan – your extended family – and also your community.

Connection is about counteracting the lone wolf syndrome that lives deep in every man’s heart and healing the cynicism that may have accumulated over the years due to past betrayals.

The gender wars would have it that men and women are enemies, but a 5D man rises above this cultural carnage and finds true companionship with a great woman.

To be a 5D man is to belong, to be part of something greater than yourself, whether family, tribe or nation.

Together, we will commit to taking your connections to the next level.

Note: If you are gay, just adapt the above accordingly. I am still very happy to work with you.

Metrics in Connection

  • Companion: Sex
  • Companion: Intimacy
  • Children
  • Clan
  • Community
  • Contribution
  • Authenticity

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