1-on-1 not right for you?

Try one of my ongoing group memberships

Whether you want to be in a group or you simply can’t afford my rates, one of my group programs / memberships may be right for you.

L1: Ground & Glory Guild

A community of men learning about commitment to their lives, their loved ones, and to God. Features a complete armory of transformational weapons, and a roadmap for finding thriving under God.

L2: Sanctum

A brotherhood of men learning to hold – NOT integrate – the feminine. Get in right relationship with your emotions, body, heart and soul, and receive skills to be with your wife without losing your masculine structure.

L3: Forge

Forge is for business- and careermen who are ready to fully enter the 5D man lifestyle. Join us to establish clear goals and roadmaps while taking your relationship to your wife and to God to the next level.